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Vehicle Inspection

Your safety and safety of others are the most important principles that we at Concept Car Credit believe.

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We want you to have a peace of mind while driving which is why we make sure that all the vehicles that we have are in perfectly working order. Our skilled technicians thoroughly check the cars in advance before offering them to you. To ensure your full satisfaction we also provide a current MOT for all our vehicles.

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First point of our vehicle inspection checklist is the engine – heart of every car. It is absolutely essential that the engine is checked thoroughly and serviced regularly. Our skilled technicians inspect all the engine components to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Their experience in the used car market ensures a smooth running engine on all the cars that we offer. We only approve vehicles that pass high security standards, which includes a safe and reliable working engine.

After you purchase your car at Concept Car Credit, be sure to take good care of it and have regular check-ups of the engine to ensure a long life time.

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Steering system

It is important to retain the control of your car at all times during your journey and therefore essential to have a properly functioning steering system. Your car’s steering system starts with a comfortable steering wheel which needs to be just right for you and what every potential customer checks first. Concept Car Credit however goes much deeper to ensure your safety and control of your vehicle. We check that the steering lock is fully functioning and make sure that there is no excessive steering shaft or float present. Furthermore we perform standard checks for properly functioning and easily responsive steering system to ensure your safe journey.

Remember a properly functioning steering system guarantees a safe journey so make sure to get it checked regularly.

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Next essential component in our checklist is a vehicle brake system. Every vehicle must have properly functioning brakes to ensure accident free commuting. Sadly not every car dealer is honest about proper inner workings of the vehicle, including brake system. A car might look great on the outside but functionality of such an essential component like a vehicle brake system might be overlooked. We at Concept Car Credit think the safety of a car is the most important principle that car dealer should follow, so all of our cars are checked by our experienced technicians.

Remember, in order to ensure your safety, it is essential to get your car’s brake system checked on a regular basis.

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While properly working brakes are important but they would be of little use if tyres are in bad condition. This is true especially in poor weather conditions such as rain, snow or black ice coverage. At Concept Car Credit we make sure that our vehicles have properly checked tyres. We pay attention to shape of the tyres, state of the rubber as well as the depth of tire profile to ensure your safety on the road.

Remember to ask for a regular check-up of your car’s tyres at the garage to improve your security on the road.

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Driving without a seatbelt is not only against the law but is also extremely unsafe. Properly functioning seatbelts are a paramount part of a safe journey in your car. We at Concept Car Credit ensure that all our vehicles have properly functioning and correct seatbelts. Furthermore we check for a secure seatbelt locking system and that the release system works as intended. Our technicians also check if a seatbelt is retracting all the webbing sufficiently to remove slack from the belt with the locking mechanism fastened and the seat unoccupied.

Remember to take your car to a garage if you notice any problems with the seatbelts. Please do not overlook this issue as your life can depend on a proper functioning seatbelt system.

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To ensure everyone’s security in traffic it is essential to have properly working lights. We at Concept Car Credit test the functionality of lights and ensure that the different components of the car lights like fog warning lamp or parking lights are in proper working order. Furthermore we check all the lenses for cracks or faults.

All vehicles that we sell have been thoroughly checked to include correct functioning lights.

Don’t forget to check on your lights regularly to remain safe when driving. Have a friend or family member stand behind the car to check if the brake lights are working or if the blinkers function correctly. If a light is not working due to a faulty bulb it can be bought at any petrol station and manually replaced or in serious cases taken to the nearest garage for a repair. Remember, driving your car with faulty lights is against the law but more importantly it can cause a traffic accident with potentially dangerous consequences.


Remember to take your car to a garage if you notice any problems with the seatbelts. Please do not overlook this issue as your life can depend on a proper functioning seatbelt system.

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Car body structure

The body of your car is the foundation which carries and keeps other parts together. It is of great importance for the body of your car be in good order without any deliberate modifications, excessive corrosion, damage or fracture. Any inadequate repair or damage can reduce the strength or continuity of a main load bearing structural member – the body of your vehicle.

Our technicians at Concept Car Credit thoroughly check body of the car for any damage which could adversely affect on structural integrity and consequently on the braking or steering as well. We check for the excessive displacement of the body relative to the chassis which might lead to loss of control of the vehicle when driven and be danger to other road users and pedestrians.

Remember to request car body structure check at your local garage regularly and especially after any accidents no matter how minor they have been.

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Exhaust system and emissions

The properly working exhaust system is one of the essential factors which can ensure that your car can meet the current carbon emission limits. Our technicians at Concept Car Credit inspect all the cars and make sure that the exhaust system is adequately supported and there is no major leak of exhaust gases from any part of the system. We also make sure that the catalytic converter and the particular filter is not missing or is correctly fitted. This would ensure that your car meets the current levels of emissions established by the government BET test.

Exhaust system should also include a properly working silencer not only as a requirement by the government regulation but also as a common sense. We make sure that the silencer is in such condition, or of such a type, that the noise emitted from the vehicle is within the reasonable levels expected from a similar vehicle with a standard silencer in average condition.

Remember to get the exhaust system checked regularly for your own safety as well. A fault in exhaust system can cause a leak into the passenger cabin – which is potentially lethal.

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