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The people have spoken: We’re the #1 Car Dealer in Manchester!

The people have spoken: We’re the #1 Car Dealer in Manchester!

9 June 2022 Concept Car

The entire team of Concept Car Credit is incredibly happy and proud to announce that CCC has been voted the best car dealer in Manchester.

Respected website Car Dealer Reviews placed CCC on top of a tight competition: More than a hundred dealerships were part of the evaluation!

The outcome was based on many hundreds of reviews by satisfied customers. The current score is an almost perfect 4.9/5 stars – a great motivation for us to keep putting in the work.

The conclusion is clear:

If you have a bad credit rating and would like a wide choice of used cars and affordable car finance, you now know where to look.

What makes us so popular with Manchester car fans?

Simply put, just about everything that you need when it comes to a used car:

  • Our showroom is always filled to the brim with excellent second hand vehicles. You can choose from many different brands, sizes, body types, trim levels, and price levels. You need it – we have it. Most of the praise on Car Dealer Reviews isn’t even about us. It’s about the cars we’re selling. Which is perfectly fine with us. After all, that’s what it’s all about.
  • Car finance even for those with a bad credit rating. Don’t worry if you’ve applied somewhere else before without success. We can usually work something out for you. (more about that below)
  • A simple, no-frills buying process which combines the best of the traditional car buying process with convenient online options.
    The car buying process is fast, easy, and secure. Many remarked how surprised they were how smoothly things went.
  • A helpful team that will gladly walk you through every step of the process. And if there is ever an issue after you’ve driven the car off the lot, we’ll gladly take care of it straight away.

At CCC we don’t believe in compromise when it comes to quality. You can always trust us to give 100% for you.

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Can I get great car deals at your Manchester showroom?

Are your finances an issue? Then this is an important question. Bad credit cars finance has the reputation of being expensive both in terms of interest paid and the cars themselves.

At Concept Car Credit, the response to that question is simple: Absolutely! We have countless excellent car deals at our Manchester showroom almost all the time.

Even though we deal foremost with drivers with less than perfect credit scores, we sell our cars at highly competitive prices.

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So why aren’t we the cheapest dealer in town?

Thanks for asking. Here’s our strikingly simple reason: Our cars are in top notch condition.

We thoroughly inspect and refurbish every single automobile and make sure it’s in great shape. The days when you would only get worn-out and rusty models with mechanical issues are long over.

Ultimately, this will pay for itself, of course.

There are other bad credit car finance dealers in Manchester, so you may be able to get a finance offer elsewhere. But ask yourself: What do I have to sacrifice to get accepted?

Can I get car finance with you even if my credit score is very low?

Yes, you can. Here’s why:

We don’t really believe the credit score is particularly important. It’s just one number among many which can help finance companies take a quick decision. And although it’s the most widely used by far, it’s certainly not the best.

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Will we look at your rating?

Probably, yes. But much more than that, we’ll look at other risk factors:

  • The ratio between your earnings and spendings. If you’re systematically spending more than you’re earning, then a loan would be unsustainable even with a near-perfect score.
  • Your total debt. The more you need to pay back prior to buying a car, the higher the risk of taking on even more.
  • Your reserves: Will you be able to compensate sudden fallouts? What would happen if you unexpectedly lose your job, for example?

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What happens if I “fail” this risk assessment? Can I still get a loan?

You won’t “flunk” it.

Here’s our approach in a nutshell: We prefer to look at opportunities where others see only dangers.

We approach car finance for those with a bad (or below average) credit rating as follows:

  • First off, we always assume we can find an offer for you.
  • We can do this by looking at what monthly rate you are able to pay – and then work out the interest rate based on this amount.
  • We don’t treat any of the usual “rules” of the business as fixed. A down payment is great, for example. But it’s not really a “must”.

Here are our questions for Manchester car drivers:

  • How much are you able to pay off each month? Even a small amount can work.
  • Do you have a stable income? Even if it’s not very high, it will provide stability and predictability.
  • Can you save up to a small down payment? It will allow us to bring the monthly payment down even more.
  • What has your financial record over the past months been like? The official credit score can include missed payments from a long time ago. These are, however, irrelevant for your current financial status from our perspective.

With this simple system, we are usually able to give almost every single applicant an offer too good to resist.

Can I order a used car online and pick it up in Manchester?

Sure you can!

We like to combine the best from offline and online. What does this mean for you?

We have an online digital showroom where you’ll find most of our current car offers. Admittedly, some great deals are gone so quickly that they won’t show up on the website. So in case of doubt, it does pay to drop by.

We can already make you an offer for car finance even before you’ve set foot in our showroom. Simply use our online application form. We’ll then give you a call for more information. You’ll get a response very soon, usually on the same day!

In the end, we’ll finalise everything on location in a personal conversation. This will also allow you to take a closer look at the car, ask questions and work out the details of the contract. And if you have a part exchange to offer us, this also allows us to evaluate it.

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Can I buy a used car at CCC even if I’m not from Manchester?

Absolutely! In fact, many do.

This is one of the greatest things about online car finance and the digital revolution: it has made it possible to get great car deals all across the country. And especially if you’re looking for a good used car deal with bad credit, it may not even be possible to get accepted in your home town.

So how does this work in practise?

If you’re from outside Manchester, make use of our online facilities: Our digital showroom and our car loan application form. Based on this, we can work out most of the deal before you drop by. Which means: No unnecessary long rides and disappointments.

What’s next?

The people have spoken: Concept Car Finance is Manchester’s #1 car dealer. If you, too, want to get the benefits of the best, then get in touch.

Almost every other review stresses the quality of our sales personnel. Users describe our team as having “talked me through the sale really clearly”, as “lovely and really friendly”, “always available via phone and email and returning any emails or calls within half an hour or so”. And there was “plenty of opportunity to ask questions and understand the car and the finance deal.”

So talk to us now!

You can reach us by phone or email:

Give us a call at 0800 093 3385
Or write to us using our contact form.

We’ll get back to you very soon to make your dream of a great used car a reality. We look forward to hearing from you!

9 June 2022 Concept Car