Your Used Volkswagen Showroom in Manchester

Your Used Volkswagen Showroom in Manchester

30 May 2018 Concept Car

If you’re looking for the best Volkswagen showroom in Manchester, you’ve come to the right place. At Concept Car Credit, you will always find a wide selection of Volkswagen models, from Polos and Golfs to Passats and Tiguans. We have always felt passionate about this brand and still hold it in high esteem.

And we’re not alone: For decades, Volkswagen has ranked high when it comes to brand image and value retention – clear signs that drivers are considering this a premium make.

The scandal hasn’t tarnished its image

We can’t argue with one thing, however: With the diesel scandal, Volkswagen has severely questioned its integrity. It is still hard to understand why such a reputable manufacturer could ever resort to these measures. Some have put it down to a ‘culture of fear’.

Be it as it may, memory of the scandal hasn’t faded. In fact, recent police investigations are a reminder that the issue is still far from over.

As Thisismoney report, the price of the brand’s models has hardly declined despite public outrage. To the contrary, their leading cars, such as the Golf, continue to outperform the competition in terms of value. And they have held their own in the top 10 of the best selling cars in the UK.

What this effectively means is that consumers’ value Volkswagen’s quality so much that they are willing to forgive them their misgivings – quite a remarkable feat.

Why buy Volkswagen?

The previous paragraph should already have provided you with a few hints as to why so many drivers trust Volkswagen. Let’s look at these reasons a little closer.

Perhaps the most obvious reason for choosing a Polo, Golf or Jetta is that they’re incredible to drive. Volkswagens routinely gather excellent results in reviews by car magazines and online car publications. They also routinely score high in the safety department, tend to offer plenty of space and are economical. And although their image still isn’t the most exciting, many drivers are surprised at just how thrilling it can be to drive even a seemingly boring car like a Passat.

The second reason why Volkswagens are so incredibly popular is their astounding value retention. In fact, Volkswagens are among the least depreciating brands of all. As mentioned, even the emission scandal has not changed that reputation.

In fact, the Volkswagen Up was the lowest depreciating car on the entire UK market a short while ago.

Says Philip Nothard, CAP’s retail and consumer expert: “Anyone who bought a Volkswagen Up three years ago should be celebrating now because they have lost less money than people who bought any other type of new car.”

Volkswagen Reliability Issues

Volkswagen Reliability Issues - Concept Car Credit
It is quite interesting that Volkswagen is sometimes regarded as a brand with a bad reliability track record. At our CCC Showroom in Manchester, customer feedback about the Volkswagens we have on sale is typically excellent. The consensus seems to be that even used models tend to drive great and experience little issues.

On the other hand, the brand has frequently scored badly in some reliability reviews. The most notorious of these is compiled by JD Powers, an American marketing company. Here, Volkswagens often rank among the least reliable brands of all. Interestingly, however, they tend to do a lot better on the Consumer Report reports or in market analyses in Europe.

Anyone familiar with the way the JD Powers report is put together will know that its results are highly contestable. They hardly offer a serious reflection on the quality you can expect from a Volkswagen. Today, to the contrary, it is widely acknowledged that the brand continues to improve and that many of the former issues have long been resolved.

In an independent European study, they even ranked among the most reliable vehicles of all.

Let’s now take a closer look at the cars we have on offer in our Manchester Showroom – the cars that make Volkswagen such a coveted brand.

The Volkswagen Family: Polo

First off, there’s the Polo. After a somewhat difficult start, it slowly but surely established itself as one of the leading superminis of its generation. Today, it is a market leader and, with 14 million vehicles sold, an important piece of the Volkswagen puzzle.

Looking at what experts have said about the Polo explains a lot about its success. Car Magazine describes it as ‘tough to beat’, highlighting its “sharp looks, plenty of tech and an undemanding driving experience crossed with a solid gold (ok, now slightly tarnished) image and lots of space”.

Auto Express mirror this sentiment, writing: “It offers a blend of performance, practicality, price and efficiency that’s hard to beat, and has seen off newer arrivals in our most recent tests.”

As Autocar adds, the safety features of the Polo are partly derived from its bigger brother, the Golf, which should also add to its value.

Speaking of which …

The Volkswagen Family: Golf

The Volkswagen Family: Golf - Concept Car Credit
Calling the Golf a legend is hardly an exaggeration. Since being introduced in the 70s, it has almost continually ranked among the most popular, most sold and most admired cars across the world. And it continues to sell: A recent Forbes article still ranks the Golf in the top 10 of most sold vehicles in the world, almost half a century after it first rolled off the assembly line.

It is easy to understand all the love for this model. The Golf has the charm and the benefits of a supermini, while, in fact, offering more than enough space to act as a family car. It can get you through peaktime traffic in the morning and on your way back from work. What’s more, it can get you to your holiday destination perfectly relaxed. It is also regarded as one of the most reliable and valuable models all around.

Little wonder, then, that the first car many of the customers at our showroom ask for a Golf as their first choice. The great thing: We generally tend to have at least one on stock in our showroom.

The Volkswagen Family: Tiguan

The Tiguan is the latest addition to the Volkswagen family and the company’s effort at conquering the popular SUV market. Although some of its competitors still outpace the Tiguan – including the remarkably popular Vauxhall Mokka – it has managed to win over a dedicated fanbase. Its first generation may have been slightly unexciting to look at, but thanks to some incisive design changes, its latest incarnation boasts one of the most distinct and characteristic looks in its category.

And it goes without saying that the Tiguan comes with all of the benefits you can expect from any Volkswagen. As Autoexpress put it:

“The Tiguan is not particularly exciting to drive, but neither are many of its closest rivals. However, this second-generation model is good at many of the things that matter in its class. There’s lots of room inside for a growing family, the cabin is very well built and, although it’s a little dull inside, it’s now crammed full of the latest tech. Overall, this is an extremely well rounded package, and while it lacks personality, it ticks a lot of boxes.”

Many are surprised that, since we also offer a bad credit car loan, we even feature SUVs. But in fact, we often have a Volkswagen Tiguan waiting for you at our showroom. So if you’re looking for a car with plenty of space and excellent reliability, don’t hesitate to drop by.

The Volkswagen Family: Passat

Closing our look at the Volkswagen family is the Passat. As with some of the other models of the German manufacturer, the image of this car is one of absolute solidity. And truth be told, you should not expect sports car driving characteristics from this model.

That said, who does? Over the past decade, more and more drivers are opting for functionality and practical excellence. And these are precisely the characteristics the Passat excels in.

In car reviews, the Passat accordingly receives excellent grades in reviews. The Telegraph writes: “With its classy interior, upmarket image and low running costs, the Passat is not only a rival for the Ford Mondeo, but also a viable alternative the BMW 3-series, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-class, particularly for those who value space over driving thrills. The GTE is also an accomplished plug-in hybrid, if more expensive than a Kia Optima PHEV.”

Some even believe that the sheer excellence of the Passat will have the competition worried. Whether or not that is overstating things, we’ll leave up to you. What we do know that the Passat offers peace of mind and a great feeling of comfort, qualities that should be cherished in these fast paced times.

We obviously also offer other members of the Volkswagen family in our Manchester showroom. For a first look at our current deals, visit our digital showroom or give us a call. And if you’re in the neighbourhood, never hesitate to give us a personal visit – we’re here to help.

30 May 2018 Concept Car