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Better to insure your car or face the consequences

Better to insure your car or face the consequences

2 May 2014 Concept Car

Concept Car Credit is an integral part of the Greater Manchester car dealers’ community. We always work for the local community and are in sync with new UK regulations and local news so that we can keep you up to date with the latest developments.

Our regular visitors and customers know the importance of driving a fully insured car. It is not only against the law to drive your car uninsured but also full of unpleasant financial consequences in the event you have an accident.

Recently the Manchester Evening News reported about a local police operation, which took place in the end of April 2014. During this operation called “Galileo” local police had used ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) scanning technology to check more than 3000 cars in one hour. What they found is a very indicative of the problem that our society is facing. In particular:

“There were 21 drivers stopped and searched, six summonsed to court, and 153 traffic offences recorded for speeding, not wearing a seatbelt and using a mobile while driving.”

The disturbing part in this news is that these offences were recorded in just a one-hour operation! However, the police operation continued through the day and by 6pm more than 870 drivers were stopped for various offences. Two stolen vehicles were recovered and more than 24 cars were seized for not being licensed, insured or taxed.

At the end of the operation those seized vehicles were displayed on Albert Square to send a clear message. If you are driving illegally the Greater Manchester Police could be on your tail. Tony Lloyd, the GMP crime commissioner was quoted saying:

“People may think it’s a bit of a laugh or a joke but some of these cars behind me are worth £30,000 and it’s no longer a joke when it’s not in the possession of the owner in the morning.”

The majority of cars stopped and seized were uninsured according to the Galileo operation report. These motorist were flushed-out by the ANPR technology where the system activates when the car is uninsured. Spt Craig Thompson, leading Operation Galileo, mentioned that:

“Rather than spending their money on very expensive cars, they should make sure they are insured so it’s safe not only for them but for other car users.”

This is why Concept Car Credit offers a 5-day drive away insurance for our customers. In addition our customers are urged to obtain car insurance before the end of that date. Operation like Galileo can be conducted every time, so in order to avoid any unpleasant consequences it is better to insure your car in advance!

We also provide advice on the vehicle inspection procedures and how best to maintain your vehicle after the purchase to ensure safe motoring.

2 May 2014 Concept Car