Covid Questions: How does click & collect work?

Covid Questions: How does click & collect work?

18 February 2021 Concept Car

Click & collect is a safe and easy way to buy a car during Covid restrictions. As we’ve mentioned before on this blog, car dealers can not open during the lockdown. Click & collect, meanwhile, is a legal way to still buy a car with your dealer of trust.

The way it works is that you start off by selecting, financing and buying the car online, through our website. Once the car is ready, you can then pick it up at our forecourt.

Obviously, we’ll take all relevant social distancing and hygiene measures into account.

The good thing is that these regulations are extremely strict. As Whatcar explains:

“Measures that dealers will need to put in place to follow coronavirus safety guidelines while fulfilling click-and-collect orders have been outlined in a Covid-19 Industry Guidance and Best Practice guide compiled by the NFDA and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. The guide covers the entire customer experience, from booking appointments to showroom interactions, test drives, click-and-collect, part exchanges and aftersales, and includes advice on staff training, signage, sanitation and protective personal equipment (PPE).”

Click & collect has already been tried and tested in many other industries before.

Now, the car industry is turning it into a defacto standard during the lockdown. So far, our customers have been extremely happy with the experience.

If you’re interested in buying from us using click & collect, call us at 0800 093 3385 to find out more. Or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.

You can alternatively request home delivery.

18 February 2021 Concept Car