CO2 emission levels and how much is your VED?

CO2 emission levels and how much is your VED?

16 September 2014 Concept Car

Have you tried to work out how much is your Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) this year? No, it isn’t the same as last year – you’ve got to pay slightly more. In case you are wondering how it is calculated then these published vehicle tax rate tables aim to clarify the situation for you:

The rate of vehicle tax for cars is based on engine size or on fuel type and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, depending on when the car was registered – other types of vehicle have their own rates.

It is possible to calculate your vehicle tax rate online if you have all the details from your vehicle with you. This service is part of UK government’s digital agenda aimed at reducing reliance on paper and is focused on the gradual migration of government services to online platforms with introduction of simplified VED payment methods and MyLicence database among other changes.

If you simply need a quick check then you can find CO2 emission details listed on section 4 of your vehicle’s V5C logbook and use it to identify the tax class (TC) and how much it might cost you in 2014 using our infographic.

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Need this infographic for later?

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The VED rates presented on this infographic are applicable for the most cars registered on or after 1st of March 2001 running on petrol or diesel engines and are representative of the cars sold in our used car showroom. Information for cars running on alternative fuel types and alike can be consulted in the vehicle tax rate tables.

There are some exceptions and differences for older cars if you are interested:

  • For the cars registered earlier than 1st of March 2001 the tax rate depends on engine size:
    • If engine size is below 1549 cc tax is £145.00 per year;
    • If engine size exceeds 1549 cc the tax is £230.00 per year.
  • Cars made earlier than 1st of January 1974 are exempt from vehicle tax. They are regarded as ‘historic vehicles’. More details are available on vehicle exempt from car tax page.

VED Rates explained

Current vehicle tax rate system is divided into 13 different tax classes (TC) from A to M determined by the level of CO2 emission in grams your car produces for each kilometre (1km is about 0.6 miles) road it goes. For example if your car produces less than 100 grams per each kilometre then you pay absolutely nothing, otherwise the prices go up with each consecutive TC (see the infographic).

There is one caveat in this system which involves the case when you buy a car registered on or after 1st of April 2010 and you are paying the first VED. Basically all the new cars fall into this category.

The prices for the first year are different in this case as it is shown on the infographic. If you happened to buy a small car with low engine capacity (cc) then you are exempt from the tax even if your car produces 130 g/km CO2 emission, which is a good news. Prices for the second year on are falling back into the standard scheme as show on the infographic.

The problem starts when you want to buy a new car with more powerful engine. Price you pay for your first year in some cases might be almost double the amount that you would pay for the second year onwards. This won’t be a problem if you buy a used car since in that case you are not paying the first tax disk – the previous owner already did that for you.

CO2 emission and cars at Concept Car Credit

The vehicles in our used car showroom adhere the standard levels of CO2 emission expected from each specific model and year of making. Our skilled technicians perform thorough vehicle inspection before offering those cars to you. We make sure that the vehicle you buy from us falls exactly at correct TC that it should so that you wouldn’t have to pay more on your VED.

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