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Used Volkswagen on finance

We provide quality used cars
and finance packages to suit your needs

Used Volkswagen on finance

Searching for certified, pre-owned Volkswagen cars that offer both quality and affordability?

Look no further than Concept Car Credit.

We proudly present a diverse selection of used Volkswagen models, all meticulously inspected and ready for you to take the wheel. And the best part? We offer tailored financing options that transform your dream car into reality through manageable monthly payments.

Your used Volkswagen is waiting for you!

VW cars on finance

Volkswagen models, with their rich heritage and engineering excellence, are celebrated for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and overarching practicality that cater to nearly every driver.

Among their standout models, the Volkswagen Golf is a firm favourite, especially among younger drivers. Its impressive fuel economy, spacious interior, and renowned safety make it an all-around win. For those new to driving or even seasoned road veterans, the VW Golf ensures a dependable ride every time.

On the other hand, if you’re leaning towards an SUV with plenty of space and unmatched comfort, the Volkswagen Tiguan stands out. Beyond its practicality and cosiness, it’s famous for its advanced safety features, designed to give drivers and passengers a profound sense of security.

For those prioritising both style and budget, the Volkswagen Polo is the go-to choice. Beyond its eye-catching design, it boasts a solid build quality and is highly regarded for its cost-effective fuel consumption.

Visit our showroom to experience these models firsthand and find your next car!

Used Volkswagen on Finance
Used Volkswagen on Finance

Benefits of financing used Volkswagens

Opting for car financing has become an increasingly popular and wise choice. It gives drivers the freedom to indulge in the pleasure of their preferred model without the immediate financial burden of a full purchase price.

Financing a car is about more than mere ownership; it’s about driving a car that meets your budget. With our thoughtfully structured and manageable monthly payments, the overall cost of a vehicle is spread across an agreed fixed period. This tailored approach ensures that your financial well-being remains undisturbed while you enjoy the thrills of the road.

While some may initially hesitate at the ‘used’ factor, you shouldn’t overlook our pre-loved Volkswagen selection. These vehicles have undergone stringent checks and certifications to ensure a selection of approved used benefits – you’ll get the same exceptional level of quality without having to invest in a new car.

Used Volkswagen cars on finance with Concept Car Credit

At Concept Car Credit, our main aim is to help as many customers as possible drive away in their dream car, regardless of past credit challenges.

To make this possible, we offer bespoke payment plans tailored to your needs, ensuring your chosen used car is within your financial reach.

Every VW model in our inventory undergoes a meticulous inspection process, guaranteeing they meet our high standards before you get behind the wheel. Whether you’re captivated by the elegance of the Volkswagen Passat or the versatility of the Volkswagen Golf, we have a curated selection of Volkswagen-approved vehicles ready for a test drive.

With our flexible monthly payment options and an optional final payment, you can truly make the car your own.

Call us now on  0800 093 3385 or apply online and we’ll get back as soon as possible with more information.

Used Volkswagen on Finance
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