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Used Nissan Juke on finance

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Used Nissan Juke on finance

Nissan Jukes are one of the most popular SUV models available – and rightly so.

Not only do they have fancy features like heated seats, but they also have sheer practicality and reliability that sets them apart from the rest – they’re not too pricey either.

Want to keep the cost down further? Opt for used Juke models that have all the bells and whistles included in newer versions, but with a more attainable price point.

With a commanding driving position, stylish sloping roof and more space than most small family cars, you can always rely on Nissan Juke models.

Available with an array of trims – including the Nismo RS which offers a sportier look and feel – we have an affordable car for every driver.

Benefits of used Nissan Juke cars

For most drivers, the first port of call is buying a brand-new model, but this isn’t always necessary. Used Nissan Jukes come with all the features you need for a comfortable, connected, and enjoyable driving experience.

From the built-in sat nav that ensures you never lose your way, to the convenience of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for seamless smartphone integration, you’re guaranteed an easy and enjoyable journey.

For sound enthusiasts, there’s the Bose Personal Edition sound system, which delivers exceptional audio clarity. Tune into a variety of stations with the DAB radio, ensuring you’re always entertained and informed.

Long journeys are made easier with cruise control, while heated leather seats provide a touch of luxury and warmth on colder days.

To make the car that bit safer and more convenient, Nissan Jukes also include parking sensors, making manoeuvring in tight spaces a breeze. And, to make it even more practical, the Juke scores high on low running costs, making it an economical choice for daily use. While its front-wheel drive offers reliable performance in various driving conditions.

A high driving position gives you a better view of the road, contributing to a safer and more confident driving experience. The used Nissan Juke truly offers a complete package.

Used Nissan Juke for Sale
Used Nissan Juke Interior

Is financing a used Nissan Juke reliable?

The best part about financing used models is that you don’t have to save up for a large one-off payment, making it more accessible – especially for those who need a vehicle quickly.

With Concept Car Credit, we don’t discriminate by insurance group or credit score. Our approach is inclusive, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to own a car, regardless of their credit history.

Even if you’ve had credit problems in the past, we’ll work with you to create a finance plan that suits you, your budget, and your lifestyle. You’ll have the flexibility to manage your finances without stress. You can even tweak your weekly payments if something gets in the way – with us, you’ll never have to worry about missing a payment.

Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free, supportive financing experience that aligns with your unique circumstances.

Get a used Nissan Juke on finance with Concept Car Credit

If you’re looking for a family car that doesn’t just perform well, but looks good too, the Nissan Juke is the perfect model for you.

With Concept Car Credit, you can drive off in your dream car in less than 60 minutes from the point of applying!

So, what are you waiting for?

Apply online today or give us a call for an invitation to our Manchester showroom – the only place to view and test drive our available used models.

Used Nissan Juke on Finance
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