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Used Cars And Finance

We provide quality used cars
and finance packages to suit your needs

Quality Used Cars On Finance

Here at Concept Car Credit we have 100’s of cars in stock. Our massive range of used cars include family cars, 7 seaters, MPV’s, sports cars, convertibles, fuel efficient vehicles and many more.

We take pride in providing you with the best used cars available for reasonable prices. All cars in stock undergo a complete checkup including the engine, steering system, brakes, tyres, seatbelts and lights. Our skilled mechanics conduct extensive safety tests and equip the vehicles with a current MOT. Concept have spent over ONE MILLION pounds on reconditioning cars in 2017.

Visit our online used car showroom and find out what cars we have in stock!

Concept Car Credit Could Help, Fast!

Our goal is to get you behind the driver’s wheel again. With one of our bad credit car finance plans you can even apply if you have had credit problems in the past and are having trouble applying for a loan at the bank.

Simply pay the low weekly fee and choose from a wide selection of high quality vehicles including popular manufacturers like Volkswagen, Vauxhall, Toyota or Seat. Concept Car Credit is an expert for car finance in the UK. Once you are approved for a used car on credit you can drive away the same day. Click here to apply online or call FREE on 0800 093 3385.

Used cars on finance
Poor credit car finance - Used cars from Concept Car Credit

One Easy Step To Your Finance Arrangement

Once we have received your details a member of our friendly sales staff will call you and ask a few simple questions to finalise your application.

A decision will be made in less than an hour and we will deliver your car or invite you to our used car showroom in Manchester where you can choose your new car. We understand that every customer is in a different situation so we take our time to provide the service you deserve. CCJs, council tax arrears, mortgage arrears, a member of our armed forces, self-employed or just moved over from abroad? Apply for car finance today and we’ll put you back in the driving seat.

Visit our used car showroom and see what cars we have in stock.

Quality Used Cars

What’s your car worth? Receive the absolute best value for your trade-in vehicle. We even handle all paperwork. Schedule your appointment today!

Our cars are delivered fully-registered with all requirements completed. We’ll deliver your car wherever you are.

If you are not sure yet which car you want, you can choose within a great range of all different popular well-known manufacturers.

Finance To Suit Your Needs

Worrying about your creditworthiness because you have had bad credit problems in the past? At the end of the day we only care about your needs and are focused on your successful vehicle purchase. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

We adjust the weekly fee perfectly to your budget so that you never get into a financial squeeze. Forget repayments for a second and choose your favorite car!

Have you just decided that you need a new car, but have a meeting at 4pm? Don’t worry, a decision will be made within an hour. Make an appointment now!

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