Let’s be honest: Cheap car finance does not enjoy the best reputation. Surely, you’ve heard stories about car deals with lots of fine print, sub-par vehicles and disrespectful customer service. On the face of things, there is nothing to suggest that cheap car finance could possibly be great car finance, too.

And yet, at Concept Car Credit, we beg to differ. Here’s why.

Cheap car finance: A recipe for disaster?

First off, though, it’s only fair to admit that cheap car finance can be a recipe for disaster if you don’t watch out. The reason for this comes down to a simple equation: The higher the risk involved in a deal, the higher the rates. This is because in many respects, the rate is considered a premium, in case the buyer is unable to meet his or her obligations.

In most cases, therefore, the better your credit rating, the better your rates. Unfortunately, for most of us with non-picture-perfect credit ratings, this means having to cough up extremely high fees. Cheap car finance therefore should always be approached with utmost care. After all, it simply doesn’t sound plausible.

Cheap car finance: What to watch out for

Still, some dealers claim to be able to offer you cheap car finance without taking your credit rating into consideration. If this sounds too good to be true, it very often is.

Typically, cheap car finance is bought at the expense of important securities or service – or, what’s even worse, at the cost of the quality of the actual car. So even if the rate may sound attractive at first sight, this very rarely translates into a good deal.

On the contrary: As soon as repairs and maintenance costs start piling up, you may come to regret opting for a seemingly cheap deal.

Car finance at CCC

At Concept Car Credit, we approach the ideal of cheap car finance from a different angle. When entering our showroom, you’ll feel just like entering a high-class car dealer. We don’t offer outdated models and we never even consider selling you cars we wouldn’t want to drive ourselves. Instead, all of our vehicles have been tested, serviced and made to look as new. You’ll definitely leave our showroom with a car you can be proud of.

Bad rating? No problem!

In addition to this strict quality focus, we will also offer you an excellent rate even if you’ve run into financial difficulties in the past. We know that damages to your credit rating need not have been your fault and that it would be more than unfair to punish you for them. Which is also why our service is up to par with the very best. At CCC, you’re always a first class customer.

There may be cheaper deals out there on paper, but once you do the maths, these rarely ever work out the way you hoped. So if you want your cheap car finance to truly be great finance, it’s about time you paid us a visit. We’re looking forward to it already!