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10 January 2024

Weighing the Pros and Cons: Financing a Car with Bad Credit

The title to this article may be confusing. Bad credit, for many UK drivers, is an issue. How can there be positive aspects to financing...

10 January 2024

Covid & car prices: You won’t believe the effects!

When it comes to the Covid pandemic and the car industry, things can get confusing. Consider this: The way it looks, car prices have actually...

10 January 2024

You will never be able to afford an electric car!

Are you worried you'll never be able to buy an electric vehicle? You should be. Now the government have announced plans to ban petrol and...

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1 November 2022

Bad credit but need a car? Our car finance calculator can help!

Bad credit is not the exception in the UK. It is a daily concern for many households. During the pandemic, the average credit score did rise a bit, as This is Money reported. On the...

14 October 2022

Can you swap finance from one car to another?

You've taken out a loan for a car and now you want to change to a different vehicle? We can totally relate. But is this actually possible? At first sight, it seems like a perfectly...

2 October 2022

How to check your credit score – and get the car you want

Do you know how to check your credit score? We're here to help. After all, credit scores are an important piece of the puzzle when applying for car finance. In this article, we'll show you...

29 September 2022

How important is it to own a car outright?

You will sometimes hear people say that the only right way to buy a car is to pay for it in cash: Buying a car outright is far cheaper than buying it on finance. Buying...

27 September 2022

Used is the new NEW: More than ever, used cars rule supreme!

Buying a used car has endless advantages. Did we really need one more? Perhaps not. And yet, a recent news report made the case for second hand vehicles even stronger. In case you've been contemplating...

22 September 2022

What does inflation mean for my car finance?

Ultra-high inflation is like a bad dream. For those with debt, it is worse than that: An outright nightmare. Unfortunately, ultrahigh inflation is what all of us in the UK are facing right now. And,...

20 September 2022

How to set up the best car finance plan

Car finance is not something you think about for fun. For most of us, it's a drag and unpleasant and business at best. However, in our opinion it really pays off to spend a few...

14 September 2022

Wait, what? You can finance a used car, too?

As part of our work, we hear a lot of stories about car finance every single day. But this one was new even to us. According to a recent survey and as reported by Motor1,...

8 September 2022

UK Car Finance for Expats

Are you an expat in the UK looking for a car loan? Then you've come to the right place. At Concept Car Credit, we offer car finance solutions even to those who can not get...