Take our free car finance check now

Take our free car finance check now

29 January 2019 Concept Car

Finding a great car is easy. What’s really hard is setting up the financing to pay for it. This is why we recommend our free car finance check. You’ll typically get a response within a few hours. And best of all, the experience will be very unlike the unpleasant applications with your bank.

Anyone can request a free car finance check with Concept Car Credit. In this article, we’ll talk you through the process. We’ll talk about why a credit check need not be a reason for worry, but why most of them are still problematic. We’ll explain the influence of your credit score on the results of the check. And, finally, we’ll provide you with some tipps about how to improve your chances of passing the test.

First off, though, let’s begin with what you’re really interested in:

How does our free car finance check work?

A free car finance check with CCC is remarkably simple. In a first step, you get in touch with us about financing a car. You can do this either through our contact form or by phone.

In a second step, we’ll call you back and go through a few important points with you. This part of the process is usually the one most of our potential customers fear the most. All of them, however, are pleasantly surprised by the actual conversation.

Unlike most banks, we don’t believe you’re unworthy of credit just because you’ve run into financial trouble in the past. What we are interested in, very simply, is what you can afford right now. There really is no point in selling you a car that exceeds your financial capabilities.

This is why our questions will focus on your current income and how much you can save each month for paying off your loan. Rather than calculating risk, it’s all about finding practical solutions.

What about other car finance checks?

Obviously, we’re not the only car finance provider offering a free car finance check. So what’s wrong with the others?

One of the things that sets us apart is that we are also a car dealer. This means that we don’t strictly separate the financial aspect from the car selection. This is always extremely helpful, as it streamlines the entire process.

First, we work out what you can afford. Secondly, you can step right into our showroom (or use the online version of it, of course) and use that budget to buy an actual car.

The process is very efficient and can be concluded extremely quickly. This is great news if you are in urgent need of a car, but can’t get a deal due to bad credit.

Also, as we’ll talk about a bit more later, many dealers will use your credit score against you. This is why most buyers will check their score before even going into a car finance check. Since this can also negatively affect your chances of credit, it’s ultimately not a good development for you.

What about a downpayment?

Another hotly debated topic is the size of a downpayment. Almost all regular car dealers will demand one. And for many potential buyers, these demands are simply not realistic.

As part of our free car finance check, we’ll work out the downpayment together with you. In some cases, we can even forfeit the downpayment altogether.

That said, we actually do believe that a downpayment makes sense. With a downpayment, you can reduce the total amount to be paid back. This reduces the amount of interest, which, in turn, is good news for your wallet. The more you can pay upfront, the ‘cheaper’ the car becomes.

In the end, however, what matters is again what you can actually afford. Together with you, we’ll find a solution that works for both sides.

What happens after this phone call?

What happens after this phone call? - Concept Car Credit
After we’ve talked to you on the phone, our experts will start crunching numbers. First of all, we’ll establish whether or not you can afford to buy a car at all. You may be surprised to find that this is usually the case. Although banks will do their best to convince you otherwise, you should generally be able to lay aside enough money each month to get behind the wheel again.

To make this happen, we recommend a sensible combination of loan term (the length of the loan), the interest to be paid and the monthly instalments. Usually, for most of our customers, the latter are the main problem. So what we do is set these first, carefully taking into consideration your current expenses.

Once we’ve established a sensible loan payment, we’ll work out the interest rate and the length of the loan.

Can I get rejected?

The benefits of pre-approval are obvious:

  • With our free car finance check, you’ll know whether you’ll be able to buy a car with us before you step into the showroom.
  • You’ll also get a very precise idea how much you’ll be able to spend. This will help you stay realistic when it comes to making your choices.

That said, we won’t be able to give a loan to everyone. Potential reasons could be:

  • You’ve filed for bankruptcy.
  • You’re involved in other financial legal problems.
  • Your income is too low/your expenses are too high for you to be able to afford a car.

Except for these cases, however, we usually find a solution that suits your needs. You can get rejected, but chances are slim.

What role does my credit score play?

This is a question we get to hear a lot. Understandably so: For most bank and credit unions, the credit score is the single most important piece of information. In some cases, it’s literally the only thing they’ll look at.

At Concept Car Credit, the credit score is merely one piece of the puzzle.

The credit score is simply an estimation of your ability to pay back a loan based on your past financial record. Quite a few things can be gleamed from your credit report. Most importantly, it will tell us how reliably you’ve paid back credit previously.

We won’t verify your credit score unless we have to, however. In principle. there is also no harm in checking your credit score as often as you like. It won’t affect your actual rating, for example. Multiple requests within a short amount of time may indicate financial problems, though. This can in turn negatively affect your chances of securing a credit.

On the other hand, this number can not explain everything.

We are well aware, for example, that most loans are not calculated with your monthly income in mind. They’re either based on the banks’ risk assessment or the notion that the term should be as short as possible. All of this can contribute to a default.

So, in short, your credit score does play a role, as it should. In our free car finance check, it is however not the be all end all.

Working with our online car finance calculator

Working with our online car finance calculator - Concept Car Credit
Maybe you’re considering doing a free car finance check with us, but would like to do a bit of research by yourself first?

No problem!

With our online car finance calculator, you can now playfully explore different combinations of downpayment, loan term and monthly payment. This is a great way to understand how these variables influence each other and how you can meet your targets by changing them.

The calculator will also work out the cost of the loan for you. This makes it easy to compare the offer to others out there on the market.

After you’ve tried various options, you can then proceed to give us a call and go through the numbers together with one of our experts.

What happens after the finance check?

Let’s say, we’ve established that you’re eligible for a loan. We have also worked out a workable finance plan for you. So you now have a pretty good idea what you can afford to pay each month and for how long you’d have to pay back the loan.

What next?

Simple: You chose the car that’s right for you! After the financial side of things has been taken care of, you are free to start looking for suitable models. And contrary to other dealers without pre-approval, you’ll know exactly which cars fall within your budget and which don’t.

Where to look

There are two places you can go: Our digital showroom, which lists all curently available models. Or drop by our Manchester showroom in person. We’re looking forward to your visit! We always have a wide selection of cars available – and contrary to most of our competitors, these are actually great looking, very recent models which will feel, look and smell like new.

As part of the process, we’ll also help you find the best car for you. One of the most important parts of the process, after all, is to stop looking for your dream car and to start looking for the best car for you. These two are, after all, rarely identical. In fact, they mostly contradict each other!

By going for a car that’s reliable and functional, you can save a lot of money on expensive models that don’t really have what you need.

What if it doesn’t work out?

As we mentioned, not every application is successful. To improve your chances, there are, however, a few things you can do:

  • If you’re going through an insolvency procedure, patiently pay off your debt and then re-apply.
  • If your credit score is very weak at the moment, there are many way of improving it. We have written about these earlier in our blog.
  • Save up for a few months – say, half a year – so you can afford at least a small downpayment. This will help you bring down the monthly instalments and the overall interest to be paid.
  • Consolidate your debt on one credit card and then use it to pay off your debt.
  • If you can get finance with us, but we don’t currently have a car that’s right for you, simply visit our digital showroom repeatedly. We add new models almost daily.

If you need concrete help with buying a used car, we’re there to help. Apply for our free car finance check now. Call us or write us an email – we look forward to putting you behind the wheel again!

29 January 2019 Concept Car