Concept Car Credit: Your #1 Car Finance Company

Concept Car Credit: Your #1 Car Finance Company

7 December 2015 Concept Car

Finding a car finance company that’s both fair and professional is anything but easy. Some will boast spectacular showrooms offering a vast range of popular models, but burden you with excessive fees or malicious conditions in fine print. Others may be able to get you a more friendly financial deal, but their showroom will often be tiny and their selection of cars puny. Needless to say, more often than not, you will find the worst of both worlds.

When we founded Concept Car Credit, it was extremely important to us to do things differently and focus on the things that matter to you. Let us show you why we believe our service makes us one of the UK’s best car finance companies.

Car finance: Our philosophy

From our perspective, a car finance company should not just be a bank. In fact, car finance has suffered far too long from too much accounting and statical analyses. While no company in the world can afford to give away any money – neither can we – we feel that a car is a lot more than just a luxury item and deserves a decision based on your personal situation and trust.

What’s more, we feel strongly that a car is a basic requirement for many jobs and can actually save you valuable time and money – for example, if you’re living in the suburbs and have a long commute. It can therefore help you work two jobs at the same time and thus to make ends meet. A car finance company led by passionate car lovers and empathetic human beings will know this and adjust their services accordingly.

Car finance: Our offer

For this reason, at Concept Car Credit, we’re essentially two companies at the same time:

  • A car finance company offering highly competitive loans.
  • A car dealer with a huge showroom of great value-for-money models.

From our point of view, for any serious car finance company, these two aspects will always go hand in hand. After all, once we know about your financial situation, we can make you a personal offer for the right car and support your purchase from beginning to end.

Car finance: How it works

So how does this car finance concept work in practise? It all starts with a visit to our Manchester showroom, where you can take a look at what we hold in store for you and have a chat with us. Once you’ve made your choice, we can then discuss your financial situation and limits and work out a payment plan as well as a car finance contract. Don’t worry if you’re unemployed, have been rejected previously at other car dealers or if you’ve had bad experience with car finance companies in the past. We’ll make sure your application receives a fair chance. Once we have the details settled, you can then chose from a wide range of cars and get back in the driving seat again.

Can’t wait to feel the steering wheel between your fingers again? Then waste no time and stop by – we’re pretty sure you’ll quickly see why so many of our customers refer to CCC as their #1 car finance company.

7 December 2015 Concept Car