paYes, you are. But usage is highly restricted.

For most in the UK, driving has therefore turned into a rare activity indeed. As the BBC have reported, during the current lockdown, car usage has dropped by more than 30%. During the first lockdown, it was even down to 22% in total at one point!

You are only allowed to drive your car for a select number of reasons.

According to Auto Express, these are as follows:

  • Shopping for essentials. This includes food and medicine. The recommendation, however, is to do this as rarely as possible.
  • For childcare. This is obviously not particularly relevant right now. After all, most parents in the UK at the moment teach their kids  online.
  • Exercise: It is important to keep moving during the pandemic and to exercise. It seems to be a reliable way of keeping healthy and fit. You don’t have to do this in the direct neighbourhood of your house. If you prefer, you can alternatively drive to a different outdoor location to take a run or ride your bike, for example.
  • A visit to the doctor. (self-explanatory, really)
  • An emergency (such as trying to escape away from violence). Helping a person who depends on your support is also permissible.
    Driving your car to work and back if you’re not doing home office.